Arcon Whippet Exports


 In 2010 we exported Loki - Arcon I Am What I Am - to Vanessa Taylor of Kanati Whippets,Victoria, AUSTRALIA. Loki finished his show career a few points shy of his Australian Champion Title.

In 2012 we exported Lennon - Arcon Imagine at Shawthing - to Vicki Shaw of Shawthing Whippets, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.  Lennon became an Australian Champion and won numerous In Show Awards along the way and produced some lovely progeny.

In 2012 we exported Moët - Arcon Raise Your Glass at Zatini - to Tammy Stephens of Zatini Whippets, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.  Moët became an Australian Champion and produced some lovely babies.

In 2013 we exported Jagger - NZ CH Arcon Get Off My Cloud - to Millissa Fox of Zandeena Hounds, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.  Jagger was our first Dual Titled Champion, attaining his Australian Champion Title with ease and many other awards along the way.

In 2013 we exported Visa - NZ CH Arcon In A Heartbeat - to Joanne Boudreault and Lorraine Burch of Forgetmenot Whippets and Jetstream Whippets, CANADA.  Visa was the first of our breeding to attain Champion Titles in three Countries, he titled in Canada before heading to America to complete the Hat Trick, NZ, CANADIAN and AMERICAN Champion.

In 2017 we exported Cadence - Arcon Out Of The Blue - to Jenni McKernan of Alarves Whippets, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.  Cadence has had limited showing, but has produced some quality youngsters.

In 2021 we exported DJ - Arcon Love Game - to Pamela Campbell and Steve Warry of Harroway Whippets, Western AUSTRALIA.  DJ became an Australian Champion relatively quickly, despite limited shows due to COVID, along the way he has picked up numerous age groups and classes In Show and is already an All Breeds Best In Show Winner.

In 2021 we exported Alejandro(RoRo) - Arcon Americano - to Garry, Danielle and Zara Dryburgh of Tezer Whippets, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.  RoRo has been shown sparingly, but he is almost half way to his Australian Champion Title.

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